We live in a world where doing the right thing is not enough, letting people know that you are doing the right thing makes your deed well received. The more you spread the world about what you are doing, the more you manage to influence the decisions of your target audience.

We started in 2010 with the idea to grant the wish of people to take their brand to the next level. We are here to change the way people think about PR. We aspire to be the Superheroes of PR and change the ideology of people who think it is just all talk and no show. We at Wishbox, make sure that the best media influencers promote your brand. Constantly keeping you around the eyes of your target audience and make them believe in you is the only trick we use. From reaching out to the right audience locally, to making your brand touch national and international boundaries, we are dedicated in making your brand reach where you have always desired it to be.

We are a team of crazy ambitious people, handling the media relations in the field of lifestyle, food, technology and startups across India. You will also find a bunch of graphic designers working with us, spreading their creativity in the office atmosphere.