Why it is important to take the client out for a media round

Media rounds and lobbying form two important aspects of a PR professional’s day-to-day life.

As a PR professional, we feel that at times it is important that we ask the representatives of  various brands to accompany us to the media rounds. Listed below are a few reasons why we feel it is important to take the client out for the same:-

1. A face to the brand

A face to the brandThe brand’s representative’s’ interaction with the journalist gives a face to the brand. It is important to come out of the virtual world and introduce the client not only in the pitch mail but in person to the journalist too. It enhances the credibility of the brand and the meeting also creates a recall value.

2. Get to hear from the horse’s mouth

At times it is better that the brand’s representatives meet the journalist along with the PR representative to understand media’s analysis of the brand. There are times that the clients fail to understand why the media is not taking interest in their brand.
Get to hear from the horse's mouthThe journalist’s explanation will surely make the representative understand and appreciate the PR professional’s efforts and the amendments which can be made in their existing pitch.

3. A polite gesture

It is considered polite when the brand’s representative visits the journalist to share the invite for an event or launch. It also gives the client an opportunity to witness the journalist’s immediate reaction to their new venture or event.

4. Acknowledge the efforts

Acknowledge the effortsGreat efforts are taken to fix an appointment and then visit the publications for media rounds. If you invite the client for the same then he/she gets to know about the hard work which is being put in every activity which the PR entails.

5. Enhances the bond with the client

Media rounds are usually a full day activity where the PR professional and the client meet one person to pitch one story. It is the day when the client experiences the efforts which go in pitching a story. Such activities enhance the bond as you are lunching together and work towards finding a solution to convince the journalist to write about the brand.

So all you PR Professionals out there, make sure you tag along with your client on your next media round. Happy bonding 🙂

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