Product Packaging: Is 2018 Seeing Unique Design Packaging Trends?

When a prospective buyer walks into a store, he/she has an expectation from the product that is being purchased. While some products are time tested ones, others are new ones and the customer is not aware of its efficacy. What induces him/her to go for the product is its packaging that is a major selling point. This is the reason that designing experts toil away in an effort to glamorize a particular brand so that it becomes a must-have on any buyer’s shopping list. These packaging ideas change from year to year in an effort to keep up with the times and here are some ideas set to make a splash in 2018.

Transparent packaging

What would you say if you walk into the neighborhood departmental store for a bottle of fruit juice and find that your favorite beverage is being sold in clear and transparent bottles? Yes, this trend is going to be a hit because not only does it imply that the manufacturer has nothing to hide from the customer, but it also says a lot about the honesty and openness of the brand in question. Additional labels depicting the nutrition value and the ingredients will reinforce the customer’s faith in the company.

Effective usage of color

Colors have the ability to attract or to repel. They can depict many human emotions like joy, happiness, love, protectiveness, warmth, security and prosperity to name a few. 2018 will witness a rising dependence on colors in packaging to reach out to the customer who is influenced by these interpretations. The main trick will be to get the attention of the buyer, who in the first few moments, subconsciously decides on accepting or rejecting the product based on how he/she feels about it.

Social media integration

All the major brands are very particular about the aura they exude online. With the increase in social media presence, brands stand to gain huge amounts of followers with the help of innovative packaging tactics that aim at personalizing the shopping experience. This can be achieved by offering a discount when the product is given a confidence vote online, or once a certain shopping milestone is reached. Additionally, personalized merchandize bearing the customer’s name will turn him/her into a fan for life as he/she becomes a de facto spokesperson and voucher of the brand through word of mouth, a powerful medium.

Environment friendly packaging

With growing awareness about the effects of global warming and the grave significance of massive carbon footprints, those brands that come up with packaging that is bio-degradable will always be ahead in the race to reach out to discerning customers. Brands are investing a lot of time and money in research to come up with cost effective solutions for a greener world in terms of packaging and 2018 will bear witness to this truth.

In summing up, we can say that customers are getting savvier by the day and only those brands which respect the customer’s intelligence have a realistic chance of making it big with natty packaging ideas and trends that reflect the customer’s desired lifestyle.

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