Opened in 2007, PortsideCafé founded by Bobby Aggarwal, is a store brimming with original ideas, be it leather-clad beds, bars, sofas, tables or other must-have home and office accessories.

Each piece – handcrafted and hand-finished using an array of innovative staining techniques – is a statement of vibrant colour, exquisite detail and endless charm.

Initially, the brand had little or no awareness and the marketing strategy was focused on promoting the products first followed by the founder. The team strategized to plant the products in the glossy magazines by the medium of product shoots, store shoot and shoot with the celebrities. The focus was also on promoting Bobby Aggarwal as the most sought after product designer of PortsideCafe.

In a span of 6 years Wishbox has generated almost 300 stories for PortsideCafe in the lifestyle, décor and financials.