Pizza & PR- Sounds so different yet so similar

We know we have been posting some serious blogs about PR lately. Don’t worry! What you are about to read is not only fun but will leave you hungry and craving for some cheesy pizza by the end.

For better understanding, we suggest reading this blog post with a slice of oh so yummy mouthwatering extra cheese burst Pizza.

Here we talk about the similarities between your favorite food- Pizza and our favorite profession- PR. So let’s get started.

1. Thin crust, Cheese Burst or Pan Pizza?

All of us are picky about the base of the pizza as some like the low-calorie thin crust while some prefer that deep crust filled with melted cheese. This is because the base is an important component of any pizza. If the base is not robust and strong then the pizza’s taste is unsatisfactory. Such is PR. A successful PR campaign requires a strong base which is created when the PR professional acquires all the collateral(s) from the client. The collateral(s) here means the brand’s deck, images, a well-designed website, samples for the media etc. without which the whole PR activity can be a great struggle.

2. Toppings- Chocolate Chips with capsicum? Nah!

Onion, Capsicum, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Jalapenos are fine but if you add chocolate chips too these then you might develop an aversion towards the dish for months. We decide the pizza based on the toppings and are also very particular about these. Extra toppings tend to play a spoilsport. Same way PR professionals need to be careful with the story ideas and agendas. Disclosing all your cards at the same time or the possible trend story ideas and those authored articles will leave you with no content for later. Hence choose wisely when you want to relish the pizza with veggies or the one to satiate the sweet tooth.

3. Say Cheeeesssseeee

A pizza without cheese is not a pizza, period! A PR campaign without good content is a failed campaign. Content can be in the form of pitch notes, company/ spokesperson profiles, blogs, etc. Content is always the king. C for Cheese and C for Content. Get the similarities? That’s why such interesting blog posts *wink*

4. Oregano & Chilli Flakes. Maybe a little Ketchup too?

The pizza needs some improvisation, a little more taste. What do you do? Sprinkle a dash of oregano and some chili flakes or just smear that beautiful cheesy slice with the classic ketchup. There you have it- the perfect pizza. Likewise, in PR being great at pitching story ideas and meeting deadlines is not enough. One needs to participate in events, attend conferences and grow their network to attain more visibility and publizise their company and themselves. A little networking and publicity never hurts, does it?

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