November 21, 2017

pizza and pr

Pizza & PR- Sounds so different yet so similar

  We know we have been posting some serious blogs about PR lately. Don’t worry! What you are about to read is not only fun but will leave you hungry and craving for some cheesy pizza by the end. For better understanding, we suggest reading this blog post with a slice of oh so yummy

November 20, 2017

graphic designer


  Evernote This app is perfect for the creative scatterbrain. Anyone looking to organise their ideas and notes throughout the day should make this their go-to app. It can save content from multiple media- text, photos, handwriting and even rough sketches, making this the perfect scrapbook for creative inspiration. It also integrates across platforms, so

November 16, 2017


Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate PR

Public Relations (PR) as​ an industry is as dynamic as the weather. It is always on the changing sphere and is not​ just about rolling out press releases in the media. With the advancement of technology we have gone way ahead in this business. But there are certain phoenixes like pointers that are going to last no matter

November 14, 2017

Public relations

Current developing areas in PR

  Initially, PR was all about dissemination of press releases and getting the client featured in the newspapers/ magazines but the tables have been turned and PR has undergone an evident metamorphosis. The reasons for advancement in the roles of PR range from amelioration of technology, boosting of social media to the increased awareness of

November 10, 2017


Why you should give up sex and dedicate your life to graphic design

Think we’re making this up? Sex and graphic design are very similar and for anyone with an overactive creative mind, we suggest keeping your naughty thoughts in check and focusing only on creativity!   THE FIRST TIME Sweaty palms, a fluttering heart and a nascent, but slowly growing feeling of nausea- The first time lurks

November 9, 2017


PR is equivalent to Advertising- A Myth

‘Advertising you pay for, Public Relations you pray for.’ Though the dictum is an old one, it still holds true to its value. People often confuse PR to any form of advertising. How many times have you been asked as a PR practitioner if you work at an advertising agency? I am sure the answer is-

November 7, 2017


5 reasons why startups need PR

Startups, sounds familiar? Well of course, this concept of coming up with not so niche business ideas in varied domains have become quite a trend now. There are startups curated for food delivery, e-commerce and even laundry. But how does the general public know about these startups? There are 100s of such startups that get launched

November 1, 2017


8 effective ways to overcome mental block

  A creative mind knows no bounds. The hand will always twitch, the eye shall always wonder and creative juices will beg to flow. Sometimes it takes a little push for the bird to spread its wings and fly. “Being stuck” is a common complaint amongst creative beings and all we need sometimes is a

August 29, 2017

Comic Artists

13 Hilarious Comic Artists on Instagram to Brighten Up Your Day!

In the age of smartphones, it’s nearly impossible to avoid a daily dose of mindless social media scrolling. Make your Instagram hours worth every second with these hilarious comic artists who will definitely keep you in stitches through your weary weekdays. 1. Lunarbaboon (@lunarbaboon) Lunar Baboon comics follow the day-to-day life of father of two,

April 25, 2017

Andaaz Apna Apna from the eye of a designer

There are two types of people in the world, the ones who love Andaz Apna Apna, and the others, who LOVE Andaz Apna Apna. No matter in what situation you are in, you will always have a dialogue from the movie running in your head. Designers always have their own perspective of everything, for obvious

October 28, 2016


World Animation Day

Animation is everywhere these days, and most of us have been raised on it. Starting with our Saturday Morning Cartoons that we enjoyed with our sugary bowl of cereal, straight through to our favorite video games and movies of today, our view of the world has often been shaped by this amazing artform. History of

October 12, 2016


Doodle-Doodle Do!

It isn’t uncommon to see an exasperated graphic designer throw up their hands in the air and utter the fatal words “I simply cannot draw!” Truth be told, we’re all slaves to our systems. We can create characters, identities, campaigns and even worlds with ease on our Adobe Illustrators and Photoshops, but put a piece

August 10, 2016


Is the letterhead dead?

This is a common question when someone has to send out a business letter. Yes, written letters might not be trendy anymore since everything has turned electronic. Letterheads, however, are there not just to make your letter pretty; a letterhead can set you and your business apart from your competition. It’s the first thing we see in a

January 19, 2016

The Challenge of the Blank Canvas - Graphic Designer - Wishbox Studio

The Challenge of the Blank Canvas

I break into a cold sweat. My eyes become misty and lips dry. What I see in front of me is what nightmares are made of. A new beginning. The blank canvas. An empty artboard. And an even more empty mind. So what am I supposed to do? A brand-new brief suddenly makes its way

December 21, 2015


5 great apps to learn new skills

We often feel a lack of skills at work, lack of recreational activities, the lack of time to follow that something you have always wanted to do or just plain boredom after spending mundane years of doing the same thing eight hours everyday. What if you could use those extra minutes in the washroom, on

September 2, 2015


Google’s New Logo

    Google yesterday changed it’s logo after a long time with the main change being the typeface and the added animation. They’ve been using a serif wordmark since 1999 up until 2015, the only changes occurred in between were, the removal of drop shadow and letter spacing. It’s updated now to a sans-serif typeface

July 9, 2015


The Return of Surrealism

Surrealism is a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that aimed at expressing the imagination in a way that was free from control, convention, and reason. Often in surrealistic art, there would be irrational juxtaposition of images and different subjects blown out of their actual size. I specially like the works of Salvador Dali,

June 16, 2015

Stacked Simplicity - Communication Designer - Wishbox Studio, Delhi

Stacked Simplicity

We cannot believe half a year has gone already. Was it not just a while ago we made new resolutions (and broke them the next day)? Six months into this year and we have already witnessed innumerable graphic design trends surface. While some did not make the cut, many of them developed into better styles

May 20, 2015



While all of us had gone to high school, some of us may have paid attention to the lovely Botany diagrams. I say lovely now because back then they were daunting and information heavy, most of which could never percolate my thick brain. In last few years or so, this has been revived and revised

May 7, 2015


5 Absolutely Drool Worthy Websites!

So I was on a hunt for absolutely stunning food websites on a dull day for some inspiration to think beyond the usual and guess what, I don’t know if I feel as inspired as I am hungry! Here goes my list that you MUST NOT MISS! (click on the images to visit respective website)